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Sit with an ice-cold sundowner outside your Chalet, watch the hippos, crocodiles or maybe the elephants enjoy themselves down by the water’s edge, while you prepare for the fishing trip of your life the next day.

If you think there are no tigers in Africa, here’s a quick update. The continent may not be home to the royal cats, but the rivers are teeming with some namesakes that draw tourists from far and wide.

You are at our camp, Tiger Bay on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe, ready to fish Tiger Fish.
The tigerfish is ranked as one of the world’s most powerful freshwater species for its pure aggression. There are several members of the tigerfish family found throughout the continent.

The current Zimbabwean record of 16.1 kg was caught in the Caribbean in 2001. Anglers usually choose small boats where they fish from .. The casts are made towards the shoreline and to the many dead trees and structures that lie in the river!

However, you need some basic skills to catch the big fish. We have a local skipper on the boat, who knows the waters and knows where the fish are.

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