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“A place where an adventure began a long time ago…here it continues. “- written about the Gradac River. And indeed there are places here of divine creation and sublime nature.

When you happen to be in one of them, it feels as if you have traveled beyond the seven hills, seas and mountains.

And yet there are these places near us all the time. Gradac is only a hundred kilometers away from Belgrade. It is a gift from nature, at times wild but intact.The dreamy “Tetrebovac” lodge awaits you outside the forest and near the river. It rests on the banks of the river, which leans on the river, as if engraved in the idyllic landscape. The soothing sound of the river washes away all stress in our urban lifestyle.

All that remains is the harmony of the river flowing through nature. The cottage is located in the immediate proximity to the river (70 meters) overlooking an unconventional beauty, where the lush vegetation and rocky hills surrounding it are reflected. The experience is enriched by the pleasant sound of ripples from the river coming to the cottage, and creates surrounds exercises with absolute pleasure, tranquility and a place for new inspiration

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