Yuma Safaris was established in 1996. Owner and founder Geir Johnny Christensen started the company after a trip to Russia, with a leading company in Europe.

This trip was so full of shortcomings and mistakes, that Geir found that this could be done better. So he started Yuma Safaris.
It has never been the intention to have the largest company or to be at as many trade fairs as possible.  Rather, it became a lifestyle and a philosophy of being able to deliver a personal and safe experience for those who want to go out into the world hunting or fishing.

Clients often ask me, what sets you apart from your competitors. My answer is that my experience and network of contacts, gives me reason to believe that I can delight my clients and give them an experience and a safari they will never forget.

I hope and believe that my clients see that the personal follow-up they receive helps them to have the experience they hope for. I’m not just selling a hunting or fishing trip, I’m selling an experience of a lifetime.


YUMA SAFARIS services are completely free!
When you book a trip with us, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.