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Montenegro is a paradise for those of you who like fishing, like to travel and are a little adventurous. Yes, we have many nice rivers and lakes in Norway, and if it is only fishing that counts, you can just as easily be here. But if you want to experience other parts of the world, see new rivers and try fishing in foreign countries, Montenegro is definitely worth thinking about.

Many foreign fly fishermen simply can not believe that Montenegro offers such good fly fishing opportunities, well maintained, gin clear water, full of fish, good catches, and everything at a very modest price.

But after they had their chance to visit our rivers, most return. Whether you want to fish in small streams, medium or large rivers, Montenegro gives you good fly fishing opportunities, mainly for wild fish. You can expect to catch large grayling, beautiful trophy trout, large rainbows and of course the biggest attraction for all fly fishermen, the Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho)
Durmitor is enriched with 18 glaciers called “mountain islands”, so it is no wonder that the ancient Celts chose the name dru-mi-tor “which means water from the mountains”. The largest and most famous lake is the attractive Black Lake, which with its beauty completes the atmosphere of pristine nature.

This mountain represents an exceptional natural value and lasting inspiration from scientists and nature lovers. Many natural rarities are part of it, such as the forests of black pine, whose large trees grow up to 50 meters and can stand for over 400 years.
The Durmitor National Park has a significant number of cultural monuments from the ancient period present. The most characteristic are from the Middle Ages: ruins of cities and fortresses, bridges and watchtowers, necropolis and monastery complexes in the Tara Valley.

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