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The trip we offer will take you on a tour of this beautiful country, where you will experience the breathtaking Namibian landscape, such as: Etosha, Damaraland, the coast and Sossusvlei.

First we fly down to Windhoek, where we pick up our 4×4 vehicles (Toyota Hilux double-cab with 4 passengers/vehicle).

These cars are spacious, plenty of space and move everywhere. Depending on how many people join the trip, I will need a driver or two, I drive first and the others follow in a convoy.

Namibia is next to Botswana one of the most stable countries in Africa. They have a stable political government and good infrastructure.

The country became independent from South Africa in 1990, it is a republic and the capital is called Windhoek. From 1884 to 1915, the country was known as German Southwest Africa. The name Namibia comes from the word “namib”, which means “shield” in the language nama, but is also explained with reference to the Namib Desert.

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