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The Namibian coast boasts one of the largest populations of bronze sharks in the world. These huge sharks can reach well over 150 kg. You will fish them from the shore on heavy surfcasting tackle and bait.

The bronze shark is enormously strong and sets up one of the best fights you will ever experience. Along with the Bronze Shark are the prehistoric-looking Seven-Gilled Cow Shark, the Spotted Gully Shark, huge Smoothhounds, Lesser Guitar Fish, and other smaller species.

You will fish from the shore on long sandy beaches aimed at the huge bronze sharks that live here, these fish can grow to over 150 kg and will give you a fight you will never forget. Along with the huge bronze sharks that inhabit this stretch of coast, you will also be able to catch some of the smaller species that live here. These include spotted gully sharks, smoothhounds, eagle rays, sand sharks and cod. Rods are usually 14 ‘one piece and equipped with large multipliers to hold plenty of line. The baits of the bronze sharks are large and bloody, and these are either thrown out or flown out with a drone to distances of over 250 meters.

So if you’re looking for your next fishing adventure, why not give this a try.
Tell us in advance and the guide will arrange a barbecue on the beach. What could be better than a cooler with cold beer, or other refreshing drinks, and a good meal, when you sit by the beach and fish.

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