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In 1804 Louis and Clark came through present day South Dakota on their historical journey through the Louisiana Purchase. Their exploration party saw thousands of elk, buffalo and deer along the Missouri River and its tributaries. Located just moments from the vary paths trod so many years ago, the Timber Lake Elk Ranch takes you on a hunt the way the explorers would have appreciated 200 years ago.

During your visit with us you will have an opportunity to take one of the most magnificent animals on earth.

If you are hunting in the United States, consider Timber Lake Elk Ranch for your next hunting adventure. Since 1934, the Lindskov family has taken care of this land that they call home. The area consists of 8,000 acres of the best prairie land the Midwest has to offer, and is located in South Dakota. The ranch has become one of the largest privately owned Elk, Bison and deer ranches, with herds of over 700 animals. Nearly 20 years ago, it was decided that the Timber Lake Elk ranch would become a 100% success destination for hunters who did not have time to spend weeks and months looking for something that might not come, or hunters from other countries who did not have opportunity to fly back and forth, time and time again to America for a trophy.

Owned and run by the Lindskov family, Timber Lake Ranchen is like no other place on earth, their goal is every single day their guests should have an opportunity to lay down one of the greatest Rocky Mountain Elk, American Bison or Whitetail and Mule Deer available, along with a first-class service. The Lindskov family with crew here at Timber Lake Ranch, will do everything in their power, to make sure you get the hunt and the experience, which makes this something you will long to return to, every single year.
We hope you will come and hunt with them, as soon as possible. Ask for our offer.

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