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Yuma Safaris began working with Lew Harris Safaris as early as 1999, and is our oldest partner in this industry.

We started working with Lew Harris, one of the most respected professional hunters in this industry, after his death we continued working with his son who has followed his father’s example and is trained by one of the best.

As a father, so a son, the legend lives on. Many Safari Companies today state that they started in the Hunting Industry in the 80’s or 90’s which is 90% NOT TRUE.
​Lew Harris Safaris does not take registering a property or cattle farm at a certain date as its incorporation into the Industry, we are honest in our hunts and have ethics which not many in the “Business” can match.

Lew Harris Safaris was in partnership with another company from 1984 to 1986 when the late Lew Harris decided it was time to branch off and start his/our own Professional Safari Services company.

LHSafaris offer hunting in Kalahari, Zululand, Limpopo and the Eastern Cape.

FILM YOUR SAFARI – Since 2006, African Safari Films have been immortalizing the true moments of hundreds of hunters most exciting, fulfilling and dangerously emotional moments.

Both in the filming and editing world we are leaders, and although being envied and followed by a lot of other companies we believe it all boils down to only one thing, “living up to a standard, and not down to a price…”. The guarantee you get from this is that client satisfaction is the reason why African Safari Films has a lot of return clients that act as living reverences. The crew of African Safari Films is well equipped with the leading equipment on the market, giving them that edge that is often needed.

Having a safari professionally filmed is an extremely worthwhile supplement to the actual hunt. Considering the price of a safari, it’s an affordable service and well worth the price. So, when planning your next African adventure, consider this worthwhile service and ensure that your experiences can be passed down to future generations.

Your Film will be a complete adventure DVD that shows day by day activities, the hunting location and accommodation while you are on your safari.

No matter what part of the world you want to travel to, whether it is hunting or fishing, contact us and you will get a quote.
The video here is just to show you what you can get from memories on your own private DVD.

YUMA SAFARIS services are completely free!
When you book a trip with us, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.