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Join YUMA on an amazing free roam fenceless Namibian hunting adventure in the wilderness of Erongo.

Our hunting area is located in the heart of the Erongo Mountains. A few hours drive from Windhoek. The lodge is located in the middle of the hunting area of ​​12,000 hectares, the lodge is surrounded by the Erongo mountains, which are of volcanic origin and more than 2000 meters high. In earlier times it was here, like so many other places in Africa, cattle farming, this reduced the wildlife and our host family decided to take care of these. Rather, they focus on a targeted shooting in their area that is not closed by fences. The shooting takes place as a result of an annual census of wildlife, which has become a great success and the number of animals that originally belong to this area is increasing annually.

The hunt takes place on free land, on all species that live naturally in Namibia, the area is on 12,000 hectares of hunting terrain + 20,000 hectares of surrounding land.

The Erongo Mountains are famous for their large population of leopards and their large trophies, it is quite common with trophies in the medal class.

The lodge, which was built in 1996, meets all requirements for cleanliness and comfort, it consists of the main building and 5 bungalows, each bungalow offers a double bedroom, bathroom with shower and toilet, living room and veranda. The main house invites to a barbecue in its large open fireplace and you can have a drink in the bar while discussing the day’s events. There is also a swimming pool where you can cool off after the day’s hunt.

If you want to take an extra day of hunting or take a day or two, to look around the area, there are of course many opportunities for that, there are a lot of exciting destinations around here. Erongo Lodge is located on the banks of the Otimporo River. Here you can relax in a quiet environment. There are a number of different hiking opportunities for exploring animals, plants and birds, as well as the geological and archaeological history. You can hunt right from the cabin.

We offer full board and lodging. All meals are typically African food, from local game. Naturally, a traditional “Braai”, a local form of barbecue, is fired up with acacia, including, tasty side dishes, and wine or beer with the food.

Day trips:
There are a lot of activities you can do if you want to relax one day. Relax by the pool in the sun. A walk in the bush can lead to surprises. Discover the rich plant, animal and bird life. Enjoy the unforgettable experience of an African sunset from one of the prominent Erongo mountain peaks. Travel literature tells you about the paintings in the Ekuta cave and is a proof of the long history and culture of the indigenous people in the past. @The singing Rock »is also close by, here the indigenous people made music by hitting rocks with large metal content. And here are the rock engravings at Otjiisauna that are unique to this region.

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