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Join YUMA on an epic seven-day black bear hunt that begins each spring in May when the bears are fresh from hibernation and the skins are excellent.

The hunt is led from our cabin at Laidman Lake. Spring bear hunting can be combined with wolf hunting for an additional fee. Our area has a very high population of LARGE multicolored black bears due to excellent habitat and the fact that it is not overhunted. We hunt them mainly only two weeks in the spring season when they come out of hibernation and concentrate on areas where they are relatively easy to find and pursue. The skins are excellent at that time, much better than coastal bears due to our colder winter temperatures. The success rate is very high during this time, and is on average 170% for many years, because many hunters will shoot two bears. The fur vary in size from 5 feet to 8 feet square.

WE conduct a 10-day moose hunt that begins every Fall on 15 September. The hunt is led from our main cabin at Laidman Lake, or clients have the opportunity to fly from the cabin in Laidman to one of our outdoor cabins or camps. Autumn moose hunting can be combined with autumn hunting of black bears and wolf hunting for an additional fee.
Trout fishing can be done in the lakes at any time during the hunt. While the most important fishing season is coming to an end, fishing is still good on the lakes. Especially when using small spinners or in calm conditions, so you can use flies. Our area is known for its dense population of Canada Moose. Our cabin at Laidman Lake is located in the heart of the best moose land.
Every fall we harvest good bulls from the shores of Laidman Lake. The area has many lakes that provide easy access by seaplane to our outpost camps. Moose like the habitat from the lakes and meadows that connect the lakes.

Major forest fires in recent years have dramatically changed the landscape of our hunting area. The fires have cleared the forest of thick undergrowth, and the resulting increase in moose feed has resulted in a high winter survival rate. In short, the fires have improved the moose’s habitat. Our guides report that when the undergrowth is gone, the moose wanders much further … an unexpected benefit for the hunter!
Transport during the hunt takes place by boat and hiking, depending on the hunter’s physical limitations. We manage to get close to many moose in the boats, and lids are effective from both boats and during hikes. The extensive use of boats makes this hunt popular with hunters who do not want to walk long distances. We guide hunters in all types of physical condition, and aged 14 to 80 years.
Antler sizes on mature bulls range from 40 to 55 inches wide. the horns vary from heavily palmed and relatively “compact” stand to tall and wide (but less palmed) stands.

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