Kwazulu Natal - South Africa

Our hunting area in Kwa Zulu Natal is good, very good. Zululand is known for its rough terrain, mountains, hills and rivers. Here you have to work and sweat for your trophies.
5 days of true African hunting

ZululandThere are 3 different hunting areas, one on each side of the river flowing near the camp. With one being 9000 hectare, the second 5000. The area is covered in dense bush and rough terrain, but also large open spaces, with lots of animals. There is also another area a half an hour's drive away.  This 1500 hectare area has a lot more open terrain. We hunted Nyala, Kudu and Bushbuck when we last went there and the trophies were very good.Zululand

The lodge is nestled in the lush trees with two men sharing each bungalow, each with its own bedroom shared shower and toilet. The lodge has a large dining room with views of the river where it is common to spot a variety of animals coming in for food and water in the mornings and late afternoon. The food is unbelievably good with various game dishes being served. There is a free bar, but of course only for moderate consumption.

If you would like to take a day off, there are many opportunities for other activities in the area. If you want a city tour, Durban is only a couple of hours' drive away. The nearby river also makes for fun activities like fishing, swimming and rafting. There are always horses around should you want to explore on horse-back.



Nearby are a number of large sugar plantations. If you are looking for excitement and an adrenalin rush, spend $ 150 for a day of bush pig hunting with dogs. But remember, these pigs are aggressive. Revolver shooter? Why not take your gun hunting? Kwa-Zulu Natal



At 7-8 hunters the price is only 6,600 for each hunter.

At 3-6 hunters the price is only 8,800 for each hunter.



Included in Price:

• Room and board for 5 days.
• Hunt 5 days 2x1.
• Transport to and from the airport.
• Arrival and departure.
• Norwegian guide.
• Full laundry service.
• All transport.
• Transport of trophies to taxidermist.

Not Included in Price:

• Flight Norway, South Africa.
• Tips.
• Packing & dipping.
• Trophies according to price list.


Extra hunting days may be arranged at $150/day


  Trophy List:
  Grey Duiker
Common Reed Buck
Blue Duiker
Red Hartebeest
Vaal Rhebok

$ 190

$ 200

$ 300

$ 320

$ 700

$ 720

$ 800

$ 900

$ 990

Black Wilderbeest
Blue Wilderbeest

$ 950

$ 950

$ 1250

$ 1100

$ 1900

$ 1950

$ 1900

$ 280