Sijaria Forrest

We are so lucky that our partner in Africa can offer us hunting in the Sijaria Forrest of Zimbabwe. The hunting terrain consists of 330,000 acres on the South-Eastern part of Lake Kariba. This incredible hunting area has some of the highest populations of hippo and crocodile throughout Zimbabwe, and unlike many other places there is a very strong populationZimbabwe of Plains Game in addition to the very good Big Game stocks. The area consists of Mopani forests and volcanic hills that make this a paradise not only for the wild population, but also for the hunter.


Our hunting area has no roads, so the hunt goes by boat on Lake Kariba, or on foot. The camp has a great landing strip for those that want to fly in. For those who prefer to drive, it is about a 4 Zimbabwehour trip from Victoria Falls. The camp is "Outstanding" and you have to experience it to believe it. It is situated on the edge of Lake Kariba, and offers unparalleled views. The food consists of wild cuisine, made by our chef who has worked for us for over 10 years. Hippos often visit the camp at night and the sound of animals and Lake Kariba’s waves will make for pleasant evenings. This camp is certainly one of the best Zimbabwe has to offer, and in our opinion, the best, no doubt.Zimbabwe



Tiger Fish

If during the course of your hunt you choose to relax and try something else, Zimbabwewhy not fish Lake Kariba? The camp has its own docks with boats to rent at only $100/day and all the equipment you will need can be borrowed for free. Local fisherman will also be on hand for advise on the best fishing spots. For those not familiar with Tiger Fish, below is a short description. In the western sport fishing world, Hydrocynus Vittatus is regarded as Africa's answer to South America’s Piranha, although it belongs to a different family. Like ZimbabwePiranhaen, Tiger Fish have razor sharp teeth, along with streamlined muscular bodies. They are extremely aggressive and predatory fish that often hunt in packs. A superb sport fish.



We have set up a number of structured hunting packages. However if you want some other combinations, this can of course be arranged. Contact us today for a customized package designed for and around your needs. Note that our packages include 14 days of hunting, where you can hunt Big Game Zimbabweor combine it with Plain Game. You fly into Victoria Falls, where our people will meet you and where all paper work is handled without any hassles.



Malaria medicine is a must in this area and should be taken prior to your departure, contact your doctor for more information. Another important fact is the security laws concerning Camouflage clothing in Zimbabwe, so please leave your camo clothing at home.




Packages (At least three hunters)Zimbabwe

• 14 days, buffalo and Tuskless Elephant + Plains Game. 1x1 $16,660 including buffalo and Tuskless Elephant, Plains Game from pricelist. (10 days, $ 14,660)
• 14 days, Buffalo / hippo and crocodile + Plains Game. 2x1 $17,160 including buffalo and hippopotamus, crocodile andPlains Game from price list. (10 days $ 15,160)
• 14 days, Hippopotamus and Crocodile + Plains Game. 1x1 $15,960 including Hippopotamus, Crocodile, Plains Game fromprice list. (10 days, $ 13,960)
• 14 days Male Lion and Trophy Bearing Elephant. 1x1 $65,000. Including trophies.
• 14 days Plains Game 2x1 $5,960.
• 10 days Buffalo and Plains game, 2x1 $ 11,660 including one Buffalo. Plains Game from price list
• 7 days Buffalo and Plains game, 2x1 $ 8,750 including one Buffalo. Plains Game from price list.
Additional to the price is a 4% tax fee to the government, which is paid afterthe hunt.
Transport from Victoria Falls is 4 hours, price of car $ 400, return.

  Trophy Price List:
Buffalo Cow
Honey Badger
$14 500
Impala Bait
Tuskless Elephant
Reed Buck
On Request



ZimbabweLivingstone & Victoria Falls

There is an opportunity for those who so chooses to spend a few days on an adventure after the hunt. We start off at the magnificent Victoria Falls with all of its natural beauty. The next day we travel across the border to Zambia, making a stop in Livingstone. Old luxury awaits you on the "Royal Livingstone Express", a steam train built in Birmingham in the Zimbabwe1920s and restored to its former glory. The train departs from Mulobezi station, traveling through the suburbs of Livingstone called Dambwa and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park as the sun begins to set. The train halts at the entrance to the park. There is an opportunity to see some of the animals in the park including: elephant, white rhino, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hartebeest, bushbuck, impala, warthog, baboons and monkeys. After crossing the National Park, the train will transgress the western border and cross the Sind River, a tributary of the Zambezi. A five course meal, beautifully cooked and served by Sun International Royal Livingstone team, will be served during this 4-5 hour trip.


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is among the highest, widest and most powerful waterfalls in the world. This applies particularly in the winter months when the flow is greatest. The natives called the waterfall "Mosi-oa-Tunya" - "thundering smoke" - a name which well illustrates the immense force of the Victoria Falls. It is believed that David Livingstone was the first explorer who came to Victoria Falls back in 1855 when Livingstone renamed the falls in honor of Queen Victoria. Later, it became a popular tourist attraction, and today the Victoria Falls is one of the main attractions of Southern Africa. The victoria Falls has been called "the world's largest curtain of falling water." It is a truly spectacular experience to see 546 million cubic meters of water a minute gush over the edge to a width of nearly 2 km (1708 m) and down into a 100 feet deep gorge. Haze from the falls is visible several kilometers away.





Included in Price:

• All necessary papers.
• Full board and lodging.
• All transportation during the hunt.
• Full laundry service.
• Norwegian plans.
• PH 1x1-2x1
• Felt.prep of trophies.
• Transport of trophies to local taxidermist.

Not Included in Price:

• Flight Oslo-Victoria Falls and back.
• Tips.
• Packing & Dipping. Repatriation and taxidermy of trophies.
• 4% Government tax.
• Transport Victoria Falls, roundtrip.
• Extra days in Victoria Falls & Livingstone.


African Outdoor VisionsFilm your Safari
Having a safari professionally filmed, is a very worthwhile supplement to the actual hunt. If you consider the price of a safari, it is a reasonable service and well worth the price. When planning your next safari be sure to capture it for future generations to come. Your movie will be a complete adventure DVD showing day by day activities, hunting location and accommodation while on safari. Our method of filming Zimbabweand editing goes as follows: The arrival of you and your hunting companions, or just you at the airport or safari area. The drive to the hunting destination, filmed from the airport. Everything that happens on safari, day by day, edited in and around the hunting camp (accommodation, entertainment and all that hunting camp has to offer you as a client or clients), all professional hunters, guides and trackers that was with you and a part of adventure. Personal interviews with you and your professional hunter at the end of the safari. The guarantee you get from us is that customer satisfaction is the reason we have many return customers that serves as living reference. There is no better way to remember your hunting adventure than recording it to a DVD. Photographs and video allows you to relive the experience for years to come. African Outdoor Visions is committed to producing broadcast-quality customized videos for customers from all over the world. Remember to ask about our free no obligation Complimentary DVD.



Jaktfeber FilmsIn May 2014, the Norwegian hunting film company, Jaktfeber Films, in collaboration with Yuma Safaris, are producing one of the most eventful and exciting hunting videos. Here, Africa's wild and exotic animals will be showcased on film. This will be a close and unforgettable encounter between “the hunter and the hunted”. The film will be launched on the Scandinavian market!