Rocky Mountains Alberta - Canada
6 days of splended hunting


Timberwolf CanadaTimberwolf trophyOur wolf- hunting area is located on the scenic hills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. These large wolves vary in color and are great animals with nice thick coats. They come in many different colors from totally black to totally white and various other color variations. The hunt takes place by sitting in hiding at the bait. Sometimes whole herds of up to 20 animals may come in at one time.
There is no limit on how many wolves you can shoot, because there are so many in the area. The bait sometimes also attract other animals like Mountain Lion and Lynx, however it is not permitted to hunt them.


Hunting season: December to March.

Prices are U.S. $ 2,900 for each hunter and $150 a day for each observer.


TimberwolfIncluded in the price are:
• Food and shelter. • 6 days hunting. • Wolf license. • Transport to and from Edmonton International Airport.

Not included in the price are:
• Flight Oslo-Edmonton • 5% VAT to the state • Tips


Remember that Cayotes can be shot without any addition.

Come and hunt with our Norwegian heritage partners in Canada. Ancestors from Fredrikstad and Telemark.