Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana

Experience the U.S.A. in a unique way, whether you hunt or just want to be with us. Experience something unique in American history.
12 nights, 10 days, 5 states, a lifetime experience.

Come and enjoy a road trip and hunting experience that is unrivaled in North America. Based in Minneapolis / Minnesota, we travel through 5 states whilst taking in the rich history and sights. We have now been on several trips with all hunters getting their animals. Although this tour is structured based on previous trips, alterations can be made with prior arrangement.Bison Trophy
The journey begins in Minneapolis, Minnesota, traveling Northwest with the first layover at Rogers. Here is one of Cabela's stores, a must for hunting enthusiasts, (Go to cabelas.com). We spend the night here, so we have time to take in the scenery and enjoy a laidback evening before leaving the next day.
The hunt for bison will be held at a private ranch in North Dakota. The area is straight out of a Western movie with John Wayne in the starring role. Only large adult bulls are hunted for trophies and stand second to none. This is a guaranteed hunt, where we guarantee that you get a chance to shoot a trophy of a lifetime. The American buffalo is bigger than the Cape Buffalo and larger than the Asian Water Buffalo. Only Gaur in India is greater than the Bison. 1200-1300 kg is a challenge for any hunter.

Pronghorn Antelope

The terrain in Wyoming has a wealth of wildlife. Wapiti and Elk, Whitetail and Mule Deer. It is here we can hunt the prairie rocket, the Pronghorn Antelope. It is the second fastest animal in the world. We may combine hunting buffalo with Pronghorn or deer, we will arrange all licenses needed.

Pheasant Hunting

Why not add a day or two with pheasant hunting in what is perhaps one of the best habitats for hunting these birds. Prices are around $200/day. We can also arrange the hunt in a new, exciting and different fauna.

Old Faithful
Yellowstone National Park
If time permits, we may take a trip to Yellowstone National Park, illustrated here by the "Old Faithful" Geyser. Yellowstone is perhaps the most famous park in the world containing some 60% of the world's geysers and the most extensive list of species found in the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska. Among the hundreds of animal species, there are also large predators such as grizzly bear, black bear, mountain lion and wolf. It covers an area of 8980 km2, spanning through Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The park is the oldest national park in the world and opened in 1872.


With the hunt done, the trip continues to the Black Hills, the sacred mountain of the Sioux Indians. If time permits, we visit both Mount Rushmore and Deadwood City.


Deadwood, gold mining and gambling town.
The town where Wild Bill Hickok was murdered by Jack McCall in 1876 and where he now lies buried side by side with Calamity Jane. We may have time for a visit to the No.10 Saloon, where Wild Bill was shot, and a trip up to Mt. Moriah Cemetery where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried.


Mount RushmoreMt. Rushmore
Made between 1927 and 1941 by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers, this 18-meter-high mountain carving of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and AbrahamLincoln is a site to behold.

After the Black Hills, the trip continues through Wyoming
We make a last stop in the town of Sundance, and visit a Western museum.  Here a wealth of information can be found about old Western heroes like Harry Longbaugh or The Sundance Kid.

Bear Country
Bear CubOn the way up to Mt. Rushmore is Bear Country. With over 100, this is the largest privately owned collection of Black Bears in the world. Add an equally impressive collection of Grizzly Bears and this is really something to look forward to. There is anapprox. 5 km drive through the park where you get toBear Country see the bears up-close. There are also a variety of mammals such as Puma, Bison, Elk, Coyote, and more. With most species roaming free in the area, this is a unique experience.
There is also a separate enclosure for bear cubs, here you can see how they frolic and play, climb trees and swim in the water.A unique and special experience that is as fun for adults as children. Cubs are born in late January and weigh only 250 grams and is about the size of a pack of butter. They grow very fast and will weigh 3.2 kg in March. In May, they may be up to 10.6 kilograms. An adult male can weigh as much as 325 kilograms, with the average weight being between 200-250 kg. (See www.bearcountryusa.com). If there is a larger group where more than one vehicle is used, one group will be taken on sightseeing in the community, while the other group is driven around, Bismarck etc.

General CusterThe Little Big Horn

After an overnight stay nearby, comes the absolute highlight of the trip, the Little Big Horn. We go up to the hills where the battle was, and re-live the story step by step.
In 1876 a gold rush broke out in the Black Hills. The U.S. Army could not keep gold diggers away from the Sioux Indians’ hunting grounds. Instead, they ordered an action against the Indians' hunting groups. After several indecisive clashes, General Custer found the main camp in 1876 for the Lakota Sioux and their allies at Little Big Horn. Custer and his men were separated from the height of the force, and all were killed by Indians led by Sitting Bull.

Devil's TowerDevil's Tower
If time permits, a trip to Devils Tower in Wyoming is really worth taking. We walk a lap around the mountain through the beautiful and unique nature. The walk is only about an half an hour. President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower a national monument on September 24, 1906. It stands 1267 feet above the Belle Fourche River.

Remember, we also offer this trip without hunting, as a photo safari and adventure tour.