TenerifeWhy not make your trip to Tenerife something more than just sun and relaxation, let us at Yuma Safaris make the trip an adventure you will not forget. Whether you are traveling on your own or join a tour group with us, we can assist and facilitate in organizing activities, whether it is fishing with one of the best skippers on the island, taking a trip to Teide, visiting Siam Park or just going for a drive around the island. Below are suggestions for a 10 day trip with us to the island. We are booking through Charter Operators, since it is definitely the cheapest.


Day 1: We arrive at the island, check in and have dinner.

Day 2: Everyone does what they want but a dinner may be served for those that want to.

Day 3: With the boat ready and the skipper waiting to head out to sea, we board the vessel for an 8 hour tour.

Day 4: after breakfast we will drive to the Mount Teide. Here you have the choice of either walking or making use of the funicular. The trip will take about 4 hours. On the way home, we stop at the small town of Villa Flor for a local dinner before heading home.

Day 5: an off day to explore the island by yourself. Tenerife

Day 6: Today there is yet again an opportunity to go on an ocean tour of 6 hours. The evening is spent at a local Spanish restaurant, perhaps one of the island's best kept secrets. Just wait till you see the size of the T-Bone Steaks.

Day 7: After having a late night at the Spanish restaurant, we enjoy breakfast before heading up to Siam Park, Europe's largest water park. With its insane waterslides and a giant artificial beach this is a tourist trap but this one is definitely worth visiting.

Day 8: we drive to Mascar, the old pirate town, where we enjoy lunch before walking through the valley down to the sea shore where we are picked up by boat and taken home. The trip to Mascar is a spectacular drive, and absolutely worth it, if the weather is nice.

Day 9: Everyone does what they want but a dinner may be served for those that want to.

Day 10: Return. You decide how much you want to be involved in.





All prices for a group of at least 4 people.

• Day 3: 8 hour tour with fishing. € 275 per person

• Day 4: Trip to Teide car rental. Included in the price are, Car, Driving, Tickets with cable car, guided trip down the mountain, dinner in Villa Flor, € 125 per person

• Day 6: 6 hour ocean trip and dinner in Spanish restaurant. € 250 per person. Should you decide not to join in on the ocean trip; the dinner will be € 50 per person.

• Day 7: We travel to Siam Park. Included in the price are tickets to the park and car hire, € 100 per person. (If the hotel is near and we need not hire a car - € 40 per person)

• Day 8: The trip to Mascar, Including lunch, car rentals and boat, € 175 per person