Utah or Nevada

Time for a shot at a real trophy of a lifetime. Allow us to organize your trip and take on the challenge of hunting a killing machine
6 days of exhilarating hunting

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Trophy


We offer hunting out of the ordinary, Mountain Lion or Cougar, and if you do not get your cat in 6 days, which we are so confident about, we will grant you 6 extra days at no additional cost. You may choose to continue hunting for your extra days or come back later, the choice is yours.
The hunt takes place in Utah or Nevada. After your flight to Salt Lake City our partner will meet you at the airport and drive you to the lodge, where you will be staying for the duration of the hunt.

A typical day of hunting

The day starts with an early wake-up at around 5am followed by a hearty breakfast at the lodge before going out to check for tracks. When fresh tracks are found, dogs are released and the hunt is underway. Normally a day of hunting ends at around 4pm but if circumstances allow we may continue until dark.
The Hunting LodgeIt is always a great advantage being in reasonable physical condition, as the days may involve a lot of walking. Dogs are equipped with GPS collars and on-site vehicles such as ATV’s, Snow Scooters and horses may be used to get as close as possible to the Lion.

The season starts in mid-November and runs until the end of March.


The Hunting Lodge

Compared to prices from other outfitters, we offer you exceptional value. We also offer 1x1 hunting at the same price which increases your chances considerably. You get 6 days of guided hunting, highly trained hunting dogs and housing with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Should you not get your lion during the six days, you have the option to continue for an additional 6 days or come back later at no additional cost. If you continue the hunt and get your lion on day 7, we have fulfilled our part of the agreement. You may then rent a car and drive around and see more of the United States.
Price: $ 4000 + hunting tag / license in both Utah & Nevada $ 550. This is in addition to your flight to Salt Lake City and tip.