South Africa - Lion and Buffalo
Want a proper adrenaline kick of a hunt? Join us up in the Kalahari forauthentic lion hunting.


Lion Hunting - KalahariThe Hunt
Our hunting area is right up on the border with Botswana and here lies the key to this exciting hunt. YouLion Hunting - Kalahari hunt usual plains game until one of our trackers find fresh lion tracks, “and the hunt is on”. Lions travel across the border from Botswana, where lion hunting is prohibited and like the last lion hunt we had there, we followed the track for two hours when suddenly we realized that the lion had doubled back on us and was walking in our footsteps. There is no Adrenaline rush like hunting lion in Africa.


Why not take a buffalo hunt at the same time, for only $12,750 or combine it with plains game hunting in the Lion Hunting - KalahariKalahari or down in the Free State which is only a few hours away. It is not unusual to hunt plains game until we are notified that fresh lion tracks are found. We then travel north for lion hunting. Many believe that lion hunting is too expensive for them but a female lion will cost only $7,000 including 2 nights all-inclusive. Trophy fee for a male lion is from $ 16,000 up.


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