British Columbia

Salmon Fishing in the Skeena River
6 - 13 days of fishing Canada


CanadaTake the time to come and delete your old fishing records! We offer a fantastic fishing destination for King (Chinook) Salmon and Steelhead in The Skeena River in British Columbia. The lodge, ”The Fisherman’s B&B”, is located at the Skeena River about 8km west of the city of Terrace in British Columbia. The Skeena river is known for some of the largest Salmon.

You fly via Vancouver to Terrace where you are picked up at the airport and transported to the lodge. The cabin hasCanada room for 10 guests. There are 4 double rooms and one guest cottage, all with private bathroom and shower facilities. In addition, there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, a cozy family room and terrace where you can look out onto the amazing scenery of The Skeena River. You might even spot a few moose.

Each double room has access to its own 4x4 vehicle, boat and trailer. There will be a training session beforehand to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

CanadaEach morning starts with a full breakfast and you will receive a packed lunch to take with you on your fishing trip.

It is up to everyone to decide for themselves what they want out of the day in these beautiful surroundings. It can be sightseeing, swimming, look for animals (bears, Moose, birds, etc.) hiking, boating or fishing. We believe in giving our guests freedom and we stand behind it, but remember you are in one of the best fishing destinations in the world.

Send an e-mail and get our dvd from the river, free and non-binding.


You are free to fish wherever you want whenever you want. You may choose to rely on our experience and expertise to help you along or follow your own hunches. In mid-June there is a lot of Pink Salmon and Sockeye. Steelhead are in the river year round. The season ends October 10. You may rent fishing equipment, but we recommend you take your own equipment from home. We can advise you in what you will need beforehand. We help with the catch being professionally smoked, frozen and vacuum packed before the journey home. The cost is determined by weight. We can also take you on a trip out to sea if you wish. The beginning of May is the best time to fish for "The King (Chinook) Salmon, with the weight coming in at well over 30 kg.



1 week, 7 nights, 6 fishing days: Nkr. 9.300

2 weeks, 14 nights, 13 days of fishing: Nkr. 17600 Canada


Included in price:

• 1 week of fishing.
• Transport to and from Terrace.
• Double.
• 2 fishermen per 4x4 vehicle with boat and trailer.
• Breakfast and lunch.
• Norwegian courier


Not included in price:

• Flights
• Dinner.
• Gasoline for car and boat.
• Tackle.
• Smoking, vacuum packing.
• Fishing license.
• Tips




On the last trip the group took a drive up to Alaska to see Grizzly and fishing in the river and the Salmon Glacier.



Salmon Species:


King SalmonKing Salmon. In the Norwegian language this is the giant king salmon. In English it has many names. King Salmon is the most common. Chinook Salmon is widely fished in Canada. It is the largest of the salmon species. Every specimens weighing 40 kg are taken. The largest ever was caught with trap gear near Petersburg in 1949. It weighed in at 126 lbs or 57.2 kg, and this is no fish lie. The king salmon has a dark blue-green back and bright silvery color on the sides. It can spend between 1-8 years in the ocean before returning to spawn, but usually it takes about 3-4 years. It is the most popular sport fish and bites on lures, spoons, flies, spinners or bait in the river. King salmon jaws are hard and it requires a good aggregate and sharp hooks to get it to sit.

Red Salmon


Red Salmon.

Red Salmon or sockeye or blue back. It is the fattest and most tasty salmon. Normal weight is from 3 -3.5 kg and trophy class is reached when the weight exceeds 4.5 kg. Specimens weighing more than 7kg have been caught. These red Salmon are favorites among bears as they come up the river in huge numbers. Red Salmon are reminiscent of silver salmon when it comes in, the sides being chrome silver, and the back dark blue. Spawning colors are much redder in color than the other salmon species.


Humpback SalmonHumpback Salmon.

Most people know it as the pink salmon. It is often mistaken for the Red Salmon with a big hump on its back. The real Pink salmon are the smallest salmon species, it is rarely more than 3-4 pounds. Only males display humps close to spawning age. Normal weight is 1-2 kg. In the ocean, pink salmon has silvery sides and black and green backs. It is distinguishable from other species because of its size.




Steelhead. Steelhead

Steelhead is actually a rainbow trout that resides in both saltwater and freshwater. It lives for one to three years in the river before setting sail for the great Oceans. Once it has migrated, it may be in the ocean from a few months to 4 years before returning. It can vary greatly in color. When it comes up from the sea it has a silver tinge on the sides, a blue-green color on the back and a white belly. In fresh water, it displays a pink ribbon on the sides and black spots on the back, sides and tail. Steelhead are the fastest growing rainbow trout. It can be 10-12 kg and trumps all salmon species for fighting spirit. It is relatively easily intimidated and requires great care when fishing. One of the best ways to fish for Steelhead is to use salmon roe or streamers. Steelhead are often found in deep pools.



Coho are also called "The Silver Salmon". The size of a Coho can be up to 60 C. and weigh 16 kg but the average size will be about 3-4 pounds. Coho have dark metallic blue or green coloration on their backs and sides, silver colored and light belly and there are small black dots on the back and top of the tail. The inside of its mouth is much lighter than that of a Chinook.