Artic Islands Caribou (SCI assessment) and / or Greenland Muskox (SCI Classification), Victoria Island - Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
3-4 days of hunting


Arctic IslandFrom mid-October to mid-November the herds of Artic Islands Caribou pull into the southwest corner of Victoria Island. Caribou will often draw just outside the city limits of Cambridge Bay, where hunters will often see hundreds of Caribou daily. Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island is also known as the "Muskox Capital of the World" since the Southern part of Victoria Island has a population of over 30,000 animals, and the whole island a total of over 45,000 animals.


Safari Club International SCI classifies all Victoria Island Muskox as the Greenland race. Trophy quality Muskox from this area is second to none among the arctic islands. Our partner in Canada has operated in this area since 1995 with a 100% success rate, also with Bow Hunting. All animals taken with a bow would go into the Pope & Young record book plus SCI record book.

Arctic IslandTo move around the hunting area, clients will be transported by snowmobile or dog sled. To travel by snowmobile allows you to cover an incredibly wide area and the ability to find many big bulls. Winter has just started at this time so the weather is not as bad as the March-April hunt.


The Artic Caribou Island:

Our hunters have 8 of the top 10 trophies in the SCI Record Book, including Rick Taylor `s Nr. 1, taken in October 2009 with 416 4/8. Our hunters also hold four of the top 10 for Greenland Muskox in the SCI record book. Corey Goss with his Nr.1 has a score of 64 5/8 with both Doug Whitaker and Bob Underwood in shared second place with 82 3/8.


2013 Dates of Hunt:

(This is a 3 to 4 day hunt, depending on the fly tables).

• October 15 to October 19

• October 19 to October 24

• October 24 to October 29

• October 29 to November 2

$ 10,950 CAD 1x1 Guided combined hunting
$ 6,950 CAD 1x1 Guided Muskox hunting
$ 7,650 CAD 1x1 Guided Caribou hunting
$ 2,600 CAD Not hunting for observer with private guide
$ 2,650 for additional Muskox tag must be arranged and paid for in advance.


Arctic IslandIncluded in price:

• Transportation from Cambridge Bay to the hunting area by snowmobile.

• Services to guide snowmobile, including gasoline and oil.

• Food and equipment needed for hunting.

• Lodging: Lodging in a tent camp or cottage during the hunt.


Not included in price:

• Travel to Cambridge Bay.

• Licenses, government trophy fee and tips guide.

• Canadian weapons permit $ 25 CAD, when traveling into Canada. Arctic Island

• Non Resident Hunter Preservation Fund (NRHPF) fee of $ 160 CAD

• Personal equipment.

• Packing and Dipping

• The 5% Canadian Goods & Services Tax (GST)

• Hotel log food in Edmonton or Cambridge Bay, before and after the hunt.


*There are also opportunities for Polar bear and walrus hunting.