Brown Bear, Black Bear, Moose, Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat

Big Game and lots of it is what everyone can expect when they hunt Alaska.
10 days of unequaled hunting


Alaska is known for bad weather. So while planning your hunting trip and booking tickets, keep this in mind that Ideally you should arrive in Alaska one or two days before the hunt begins, and preferably keep a few days open after the hunt in case of bad weather. Depending on your arrival, you will be picked up from the airport or hotel. From there we will travel to the Fish and Game store and get your hunting license and tags.
There will then be a two hour drive through the scenic surroundings of Chickaloon, our home base. There is a nice B & B close to the airstrip. We have a good relationship with the owners, and it Alaskawill be here we buy what we need before we go into the bush. You will stay here if the weather does not permit flying, or if there is not enough daylight to fly. We would also like you to test your rifle to ensure that it operates properly.
From here we board our Super Cub with all the gear and fly to the camp. Depending on what you will be hunting and the weather, the trip will take approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes. On the way you will experience breathtaking landscapes with its wealth of wildlife. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by your guide. The food you will be served depends on what kind of hunting you will do. If you are not able to fly out on the same day, after hunting, the trophy will be taken care of in camp otherwise it can be prepared in Alaska with mailing options.

Guided Black Bear Hunting

We offer 10-day hunting trips that may be combined with other hunting. Black bear hunting starts around May 1st and goes on into the middle of June. As with all spring bears Black Bears make for great trophies. Autumn quest starts in August and runs until the end of September. These bears eat mostly berries and are often higher up in the mountains. We are proud of our 95% success rate when it comes to hunting Black Bear. The sizes vary from 61/2 to 71/2 feet.

AlaskaMoose Hunting

There is no place on earth that offers better Moose hunting than Alaska. Alaska moose is the largest of them all. A bull can easily be between 1,200 pounds and 1,600 pounds. Antlers alone can weigh 30-40 pounds and measure 80 inches. The season is short, so do not put off booking early. The season runs from August 20 to September 30. Our hunting site is proper moose country with its varied terrain of swamps, open plains and lush Moose Huntingforests. All the guides are locals who know the area and the animals' habits, and this is why they have one of the highest success rates.
If you are looking for a camp with a Jacuzzi and room service, this is not for you, or if you want a great lobster dinner with a fine wine, please look elsewhere. However, if you are willing to sweat and bleed for this amazing experience and perhaps a trophy of a lifetime, then look no further. The only drawback is that you will get this country in your blood, if you have been here once, you will certainly return.

Guided Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting

Brown bear hunting takes place in spring and autumn. Our hunt begins in April when the biggest bears come out of hibernation. This is an excellent time to shoot a bear while there is still a lot of snow around, making it much easier to find them. The trophies are of exceptional quality around these parts. Mostly our spring hunt is done in snowshoes and/or snowmobiles. When May comes and the landscape turns green, the bears start moving further down in the country. Bear Hunting
Food season is then underway, a time for finding food and mating. This is a great time to hunt bear, if you are only looking for a bear and not a combination hunt. Autumn hunt starts around the beginning of September and runs until the end of November. The bears chase salmon in the rivers and look for berries in the mountains. There is a lot of bears around this time of year and success rates are usually very high. Maize Quest also provides opportunities for combined hunting together with game species such as Dall Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat and Black Bear. You can also fish for salmon. Normally, the bears are between 81/2 to 10 feet +.
To hunt bears, you need the right equipment. Most of the shooting will be between 20 and 150 meters. We are happy to recommend a 375 with 250 or 300 grain bullet, but most important is that you know your gun. Do not include the 416 if you cannot use it.

Your guide will be the cook and he'll probably burn the food occasionally, but you will have one of the best experiences of your life. Bush camps can be a little rough, but they are comfortable and you will like the food, if you appreciate hearty roasts with potatoes, pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.


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10 Days

10 Days

10 Days

10 Days

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